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All relationships go through periods when they feel 'tired' or small differences escalate into major rows. There are also occasions where time and emotion has been invested in someone or something outside the partnership with the resulting feelings of betrayal or neglect. A safe neutral space can be of immense value when exploring heavily loaded emotions and disappointment. In addition to core counselling training I have specialised in work with couples.


Our families can be a great source of support and comfort. However they can also be the source of difficulties and destructive patterns which impact us throughout our lives. Understanding more about how our family of origin has influenced how we react and respond can free us up to make different choices.

There never has been a 'normal family' , however we are increasingly recognising different groupings rather than the traditional nuclear family. Blended families can enrich our lives but also present challenges as we bring together different values and expectations.

OLDER PEOPLE                                         "Old age ain't for sissies" Betty Davies

Retirement can be one of the most fulfilling periods . It can also however bring adjustment problems. Health may be an issue particularly mental health problems such as dementia. Taking time to reflect , as an individual or couple, on how to handle this new phase of life (which can last 30 years!) may be of value. Relationships at Work We spend much of our life at work and the quality of relationships, our sense of respect and significance can impact not only our performance at work but also at home. Prolonged stress has been shown to damage our physical and mental health. Understand more about what may be happening and develop strategies for coping with pressure. Individual Counselling 

individual Sessions - £50 for 50 minute session Couple Counselling - £60 for a  50 minute session

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